Psychotic Rambles
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2002-03-25 14:51:03 (UTC)

Ever since when i first saw you

i've beena bit melancholy today..i'm not sure why. it may
just be that i'm a bit over-tired or something of the like.
my schedule goes from bed time at midnight to waking up
every day at 5 which actually completely suffices because
by that time i'm so fatigued anyway that i directly nick
off and that deeply so that i feel no lack of sleep when i
awake. but seeing as how i slept more lightly than usuall
last night i'm a bit weary. also i had to retake a part of
terra nova today which was so fun. i really want to
build my own webpage where i can put little pictures on and
the like but my computer is slow and my patience is quick.

i made Katie, Kate of Kate hall, the prettiest Kate in
Christendom, my super-dainty Kate very happy yesterday.
Always when i call her she's complaining about homework and
you know i'm enjoying my semi-freedom while i can and i'm
probably going to avoid sports and extra curriculars
because of that very reason. She goes to Junior Reserve
Officers Training Corps. (JROTC) every day the entire year
basically for drill practise for competition, doesnt get
home till 6:30 and then spends the rest of her 4 hours -30
mins for dinner doing work. sounds like fun doesnt it? Oh
yes, and of course she takes rigerous acedemic schedules
(such as honors english just as an example which is pure
work...tests every day and things like that), is too kind
to tell this one girl to, basically, fuck off when she
needs he spanish 1 and algebra homework, and still gets the
grades. Hats off ladies and gents, i give my full respect.
So to ease he pain ever so slightly if its only a laugh or
two i decided to make her a little "beat-the-boredom-while- mean, homework-kit". she was
extremely over joyed even if she was just pretending it
still made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. YAY!!!! i
made someone HAPPY!

also school is a feudal monarchy. makes perfect sense if
you think about it.

i was looking through Michael Ray's transworld and i
actually found some writing!! lol, i was all happy.

my brownies are slowly coming to an end.

my mother is being an ass as usual.

i have one bitch of a headache.

i have lots and lots of make up algebra to do.

i'm so happy. shoot me someone. i took a test at and it said that my
super hero was

BITCH OF A HEADACHE. how fitting.

skaters kick ass