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2002-03-25 11:01:16 (UTC)

sick.. sniff

I am sick today. I was also sick yesterday. I think I was
also sick on Sat. Sat, Sun & Mon. Its one of those common
colds - runny nose, throat irritation, phelgm, headache etc.
It's a boring illness to have isn't it? I went to the
doctor today and told him that I think I have a cold. He
gave me that "ah hah" kind of look and said, "So you have,
runny nose; cough; sore throat; headache; fever...." Well,
some of those symptoms I guess. I was in there and out in
about 2 or 3 minutes. i had to wait total about 45 mins..
dat makes my trip to the doctor's totally unworthwhile! hah.

Medicine I got at the clinic:
Dibendyl Expectorant (cough mixture)
Vicemex (Vitamin C effervescent tablets - this one i
Serrapeptase (For throat inflammation)
chlorpheniramine (For runny nose)

I like the Vit C effervescent tabletss. Dropped one into a
glass of water just now and watched it bubble and
disappear. It was a pretty fascinating thing to watch. Come
on admit it! You watch your effervescent tablets dissolve
dun you? heh.

Alright, going off to bathe and then going to sleep. There
is this little note on my medicine "May cause drowsiness.
If affected do not drive or op machinery. Avoid alcohol"
The computer is a sort of machinery is it not? It is a
machine. So it prob qualifies as a machinery? That means I
should get off the computer now before I fall off the chair.

Either my cranky quotient is up today or the medicine is
starting to kick in. Starting to talk rubbish.... gotta go