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2001-05-17 13:54:51 (UTC)

my introduction

hi. my name in tasha. i am 16 years old and i have had a
hard life. my parents are divorced and they are both
remarried. i have 2 sisters, a step sister, and 4 step
brothers. from all of my parents. i don't live at home
anymore cause i live at Job Corps in Gadsden, AL.

well to start out my storie i was born in LaMaradia, CA on
Jan.2, 1985. i had a sister that died at 2 months old when i
was 4 years old. my parents divorced when i was 5 years old,
because my dad beat my mom. when they divorced i stayed with
my dad and he started dating a crack head. she got him
hooked on alot of drugs. my dad started hiting me all the
time. well i went to school one day and my teacher noticed
all the marks that was on me from his beatings. she call DHR
and the police and they came to the school. they took
pictures and wrote reports and they went to my house to
arrest him. well with all the drugs in the house all the
adults got arrested. they took me and my 2 sisters and went
looking for a place for us. i couldn't stay with my mom
cause she was in Alabama. my aunt in CA was sick so they put
me and my middle sister in a temperary foster home and my
yougest sister in an orphanage. it wasn't long before the
foster mom i was with started hitting me. well me and my
sisters got to move in with my aunt until the custudy trail
was over. my mom won and we moved to Alabama with her.

more to come tomorrow............

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