An Unusual Pain
2002-03-25 07:51:08 (UTC)

In Order To be Sane you Gotta go Crazy BUT Remain on top of the game and Master your Universe like you was He Man -TK

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO God why is it that I can try for so long
and still not get what I want and somebody else can do it
in a minute???? Why is it when I hear one bad thing a
thousand other bad things like to present themselves to
me??? God I wish I was stronger I wish I didnt cry I wish
I could just forget things and never look back I wish
nothing could hurt me. O God Im so frustrated. How much
more crap do I gotta go through untill I finally experience
the good stuff.
Im losing my will. I lost all faith in men in people
period. I dont wanna be like that I dont wanna think that
everything is bad. Why am I not good enough for anybody.