Meshed Up
2002-03-25 07:16:03 (UTC)

mirror mirror on the wall

give me strength. i look in the mirror and feel depressed.
i hate mirrors. i hate mirrors.

mirrors of my soul...mirrors of my face... i hate you

reflect my soul. reflect my life. throw back all the things
i have done wrong...all the things that i am not...

how long should i keep this masquerade up? how long should
i pretend to be a dumbass and an intelligent
long should i pretend to be nice and long should
i pretend to be long should i pretend to be
somebody i'm not...somebody i will never be...

how long should i desire to be somebody else?

Then it comes to be
That the soothing light
At the end of your tunnel
Was just a freight train comin' your way

hit me...if i fail in this then i truly am a failure...