Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-03-25 06:56:40 (UTC)

Stranded at the Millcreek Mall in the Loudest Shirt in the County...

Aaaaaah, so many new experiences!

Spring break started last week and I sure am appreciative!
I needed time to be with my family and Heather... It's been
great thus far! REAL food! Lots of free time too! I've been
able to get lots of sleep and have free time for watching
anime and reading manga thus far, but not much else. I want
to reread that damnable Darwin and do some sketching and
writing. Dad's got this NIFTY new computer set up upstairs
so now I can do things on the comp and not freeze to the
bone. I've been busy however, so I haven't had the chance
to be on very often. I've been dragged to my brother's
games, which usually take up the majority of my family's
day. Saturday I was supposed to go to see the musical RENT
with Tom, but a snowstorm interupted those plans... so I
got to go to games instead. I got through 6 volumes of RG
Veda that Michelle lent me. Got to visit with my Granny
Kirsch too! She's such a sweet lady ^_^

Talked to Missy Michelle two nights ago and she seemed
well, but sick =( I tried calling last night, but she was
out with friends, so that makes me feel better! I'm glad to
know she's out and about, having a good time. I worry about
that child so much...

However, it would seem that now Chief hates me, which is
quite unfortunate to me, because I don't hate him. I feel
badly that I hurt him enough to have him sick a friend of
his on me. It's weird, considering how I've been dying to
pick a fight for the past couple of days (it's weird, but
it happens every so often... maybe it's cabin fever. I
waited to come home for so long and now the weather has
decided I still can't go out...) so you'd figure it'd be a
good way to vent that urge. But nope, not gonna happen...
if the message was meant to enrage me, it fell very short
of its goal. Actually I found it kinda comedic, but
reassuring... ::smiles:: Chief's got a guardian of his own,
the same way I try to protect Michelle and Heather! That
makes me happy ^_^ I'll talk to him as soon as I see him
online. I can't back down from this, because I still care
about him as a friend and I want to salvage what I can. All
I will say here is that my last entry was for purposes of
venting my pain at seeing Michelle still so hurt and
feeling to helpless to do anything: it wasn't meant to seem
like a personal attack. Not everything in that entry
related to his relationship with Jen.

Today was rather interesting... Since I've gotten back from
break, I've had this problem of not being able to wake
myself until noon. Well, today I woke up at 7 am so I could
get ready for church at 9. I'd made plans to hang out with
Heather and I was excited because I had a nifty shirt to
wear, a gift from my dear, loving fiance, Joe. We
encountered the darling at the opening night of Man of La
Mancha, the play Heather was in and after the show, he,
Jess, Heather and I went out for coffee and desserts. He'd
lent Heather a shirt of his, Hawaiian style, BRIGHT yellow
with a surfer pattern. It's a really neat shirt! It's HUGE,
but sooooooooo comfy! I commented to him how I liked the
shirt and when I went to drop him off after taking Jess and
Heather home, he GAVE it to me! It's REALLY big on me, and
a very LOUD design, but I wanted to wear it today. Mom took
one look and asked if I was going to CHURCH like that! I
was nice and went to church without the Hawaiian shirt,
adopting a white turtle neck I planned to wear under the
shirt anyways. FINALLY, at about 1:30 pm, Heather and I
departed for our day of fun! I had 20 bucks to my name, 3
of which were spent on a chocolate blast at Baskin

2 more were spent on games at the arcade 3 hours later,
when we realized I'd left the lights on in my car and
needed my father to come and give us a jump. I felt like an
idiot, but everything worked out really well! Dad wasn't
upset with me for forgetting to turn the lights off, Mom
teased me that I'd never forget again. Right after we got
jumped, Heather and I decided it'd be better to just rent a
movie and see a few of the Zim episodes and anime music
videos I brought home. Heather loves Gir too!! (And the Hot
Topic at Millcreek Mall had a STUFFED Zim! It was SO cute!)
We ended up renting The Muskateer and for once my selection
of movie even pleased Mom and Dad (Dad could only stand
half of Moulin Rouge and knowing Dad I give him a lot of
credit for that).

So, that's been my break thus far! Think it's time for bed
after I finish the second volume of Angel Sanctuary. Night!

Quote of the Moment:
Me: Mom, you shouldn't drink that diet Coke... It's got
carcinogens in it.
Mom: Oh shut up. Your regular Pepsi has sugar in it.
Me: Sugar doesn't cause cancer.
Mom: Sure it does. Cancer of the BRAIN.