Jena's Rants
2001-05-17 13:26:19 (UTC)

It's already bad...............................

So today already sucks, but isn't that how it goes. If it
is going to be a shitty ass day you usually can tell the
moment your eyelids make that icky sticky sound and open up
to the horrid world that surrounds you. Went with people
to some old haunted place out in Perryman last night.
Basically all we managed to do was eat bugs and walk many
miles in the dark cold ick. Adventure, yeah right.
Anywho, went with Hopinononefoot, King Herbage, The Ex Man,
and Mr. Rampant Philosophies. Needless to say we were all
pretty stoned, with the exception of Hopinononefoot, he
nearly died yesterday afternoon when he was attempting to
do a massive amount of work on his car, and the car jacks
which were suspending the vehicle, (we can defy gravity),
decided to go for a coffee break or some shit and nearly
crushed him, (what goes up must come down). Thought of the
day: Sometimes you need to go down before you can go up.
Ha ha, hee hee. Well, his step-dad which i prefer to refer
to as, CrazyNakedWolfMan, saved his life. Wowey Zowey.
This morning my email wouldn't work (work email acct), so I
had nothing to do with the extra hour that I spend here
every morning. So, I looked at porn, but not regular
porn. Amazingly funny porn from my hero at! Even the Japanese agree, "He so funny
funny, we love stile japscat!" How can the Japanese be
wrong?! What the fuck am I saying, how can an entire
country who has such "rigid" (ha i said rigid) moral views
believe that shitting into the mouth of your sexual partner
is exciting, and dare I say - a turn on!!!??? I mean this
is a country where if you fuck up at work you can lose a
finger, yet they will condone child pornography because
there is no grass on the field. I am definitely now an
honorary member of VHEMT! I am all about voluntarily
working towards the extinction of my own race - WE SUCK!
Besides, I am running out of new adrenaline rushes, this
could be a new turn on for me, much better than any Japscat.