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2002-03-25 06:09:32 (UTC)

talk about a weekend!

Ok, wow.. Friday nite, i was over at my friends house for a
yoouth group sleepover, and one of my good friends, Aaron,
from Kelowna was suppose to meet me up at the Greyhound bus
station, because he decided to join us since he was in town
for Spring Break. So yeah, i went to the bus station and he
never showed up =(.. turned out that he had a fight with
his mom so he never made it. Ok.. Sunday. SUPER TIRING! I
had to wake up at 6:30am in the mornin( i usually wake up
at like 7:45 for church) to go to BCVA (BC Volleyball
Association) to ref 5 volleyball games(9am-3pm with a 15
min. break)! It was so tiring! At my last game, damn, i
was screwin up so much, i kept on callin the wrong calls. I
came home at 4 and i slept til 6, realizing that i had miss
the first half hour of the Oscars. Halle Berry WON!
*woohoo* she's my fave. Gwenth Paltrow wore the UGLIEST
dress i've ever seen her wear. *YUCK*. Anyhoo, I'll leave
ya at that. Later.

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