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2002-03-25 05:59:06 (UTC)

mission trip

ok,wensday i went on a mission trip.it was really fun.when
we first go tthere we ate dinner and went to
chapel.everyone was so tired.the next day my group had
breakfast duty.we got all the cereal ready.my friend that
wasnt in my group helped me(thnx jes!). after all the
spilled milk all ovcer the table,it was time for morning
chapel.we had morning chapel and then we went off to our
assignments.wouldnt you know it,my group got the hardesdt
job.we went down to the cumberland city hall and cleaned
out an abandoned aparment.there was atleats an inch of dust
on everything.me and mellissa cleaned the most out of our
group*mellissa cleaning the most*while mrs.egglestone and
mrs.morrison cleaned quite a lot.the second day i was
really wanting breakfast(if i dont eat enough sugar before
i work i start to shake)and wouldnt you know it.they didnt
wake up many people because they were all sick. i needed to
eat.then my whiny ass friends decided to do what they
wantred and everyone went where they wanted to go to work.i
wqanted to go back to city hall because it was pretty much
done,and it would be easy.but no my friends made me get
stuck in the group who was outside pulling bushes.i had no
gloves and a thin jacket(i didnt know it was gonna snow).i
was so sick of my friends! then i asked if i could go
inside because i wasnt feeling all that great.so i went to
sleep.i woke up when my freinds were scratching on the door
acting like dogs(why? i dont know).i got up and we went
down to the store for pizza.we stayed inside for a while
and went up to the ~cafe~ and hung out.then our teacher
found us and yelled at us because we werent acting as
slaves and doing what they say. and now i am sick as dog
because they were doing what they wanted.and while everyone
else went to lunch, we had to work all the rest of the day.
we finally got to quit qorking when it was time for evening
chapel.we went to chapel and it was so great.we all got
down and prayed at first,and then i looked up afetr i was
fininshed and i saw this *tough guy* crying. then we all
got up and hugged and said sorry to anyone we ever made fun
of.i didndt get to hug all of them because all the people
in my way.but i gave hugs to people i never made fun of.and
i even gave jose and danny a hug.i cant rmember all of them
though.so im sorry to whoever i didnt hug.but everyone was
crying.and i looked down and my friend who i have never
seen cry had her face buried in her hands crying and
muttering something. she was speaking in tongues(thats
where the Lord takes over you and speaks in a different
lanuage through you) she said she had done it before.i was
amazed at this.but she sat there for bout 30 min doing that
and i finally got her to wipe the snot off her face.but
then she got right back on the floor and did it again.then
we all had a great time at dinner.after dinner we had a
talent constest.me andmy friends did a ho-down.i put
everyones hair up and put freckles on their face.i was
hoping i would have rasins to black out their teeth
with,but i couldnt get ne.but it wasw fun.my friend jessica
sung man of constant sorrow while me and my other friend
danced around.it was so great.i have to go .choa and bbye!

^.~ jin-jin,jennifer,tree,big
bird,cactus,cirro,totem pole,pooh,and everything else....

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