Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
2002-03-25 05:42:18 (UTC)

Point of View

"I'll be damned before I give in"
Restless she is
Comin' on the road
To beat it to you fine, fine, fine
The sparkle in her eye knocks out the world
Point of view: Beautiful girl
with pale brown eyes that are going to make this world a
better godamned place

"I know what I want"
Hard-headed he is
Throwing a fit through
To make his point clear, clear, clear
In him one might find what he idolizes divine
Point of view: Gorgeous young man
Who has scruffy blonde hair that will show this world to
it's righteous state

Beauty is only obvious
Kindness is derived in manifest
Unity is seen as stupidity when thoroughly thought about
Sarcasm is glorified
Violence super sized
Spirituality is cleansing cream for the soul

What the new age philosophers can see is beyond what we must
And only the actions shall stand out
We mustn't judge
Thankful we are to a country that gives us rights
Unable we are to see the nature that gives us life
Point of view: Dorky fat kid
With thick glasses who see from a step behind what the so
called "realistic" states of mind lack to find