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2002-03-25 04:56:34 (UTC)

Rob Brezney's Free Will Astrology

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) - for me!!

Week of March 21, 2002

The Guinness Book of World Records honors Englishman John
McPherson as the most prolific kisser of all time. In 1985,
he smooched 4,444 women in eight hours. However, I believe
that a lover of the Sagittarian persuasion could very well
shatter that record in the coming weeks. Your tribe is
currently under the influence of an exceptionally sweet and
playful erotic vibe. Even if you have no ambition to
outstrip McPherson's indiscriminate output, I suggest you
channel an equally concentrated burst of creative loving on
a deserving partner.


PISCES (Feb 19-March 20) - for Misty Greencorn

Week of March 21, 2002

You may not have the bucks to pay a therapist $90 a week,
let alone hire a financial advisor. If so, that's a shame,
since this is a ripe time to tinker with the neuroses that
screw up your money karma. Tell you what: I'll do my best
impersonation of a financially adept therapist. For your
first assignment, make a list of the ten most valuable
qualities you offer the world. Second, describe in florid
detail why the world needs these qualities and why,
therefore, it should abundantly reward you for them. Third,
practice feeling what it's like when your valuable
qualities are seen and appreciated by others. Finally,
repeat the following affirmation aloud ten times daily for
two weeks: "I am an amazing resource that many people want
to enjoy."


Babe, I'm gonna start sending these to your email addy, ok

love you

these were always in"The Coast" in Halifax - Darren and I
used to get off once a week reading them. It was funny.
Found them on them web - so cool, and coodos for me!!

I high.... :( bad medical high :(

bye!!! :)

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