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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-03-25 04:43:05 (UTC)

Idiots standing outside, waiting for their turns...

There's a guy behind the guy behind me on my right(tricky
questions are good for your brain, if you have one) is
outside but peeping at the guy sitting behind the girl on my
right. He's like stuck to the glass window, looking like
those desperate people who's longing to touch a computer or
soemthing. Doesn't he know the meaning of PRIVACY? Yes, I
know I look at poeple's monitor screens but I'm INSIDE. He's
OUTSIDE. People inside couldn't help it. I can see 5 bright
monitor screens from the corners of my eyes and I am
concentrating on MY screen. See? And he's like staring at
the guy's monitor. Screw him. Anyway, the college gave every
students 50 hours for us to access the internet. I still
have 46 hours and 40 seconds right now. This is my third
semester, and I've used like only 4 hours. I still have a
year to use up the rest. Ah, I know. I could save up the
internet and phone bill at home by coming here Mondays and
Thursdays for this semester. I have like, 5 hour break
today and 4 hour break on Thursdays. What an ingenius plan.
Whoa. There are like, so many people outside, waiting for
people inside to leave so that they could come in. Too bad I
can't help. This is the best way for me to waste my time as
I somehow enjoy doing this although I'm getting a little
sick of this. I'll probably leave in half an hour or an
hour's time. Or sometime in between. I wonder, what is MS
doing? Maybe she went to get her passport. But why does she
have to be so secretive? She's so secretive these days.
Since she knew Nigel the ass. Hey, the guy in front of the
girl on my left is looking at some animated flash cartoons.
Something like the guy who sat beside me. There's like
Chinese characters on it, too. Back to MS. She used to tell
me a lot of things. Maybe she's grown up already and feels
that I shouldn't know everything. I'm okay with that. I
respect her privacy. One thing I don't get is why she won't
tell me? We're llike best friends. I tell her almost
everything. I call her up to tell her to watch Fear Factor,
for a chat and even inform her that I wanted to pee. If you
have a friend like that, you are SO lucky. There aren't many
poeple who would call you at any time, talking crap and
yapping most of the time. Now that is a TRUE friend.

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