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2001-05-17 10:50:13 (UTC)

Here we go...

OKay I know i've only written in this once, but i need to
introduce to some people of you want to know what's going
on. First of all me, I'm 15, and a freshman. I'm a
cheerleader, piano player, i love football, and i sing in
choirs. Tony, who i've known since 6th grade, is my best
friend. we also dated/went out (whatever) for 11 months
when i was in 7th grade, and he was a freshman. (we are two
years apart) He is so important to me, he understands me
and i understand him. we want to be together again
sometime, but he just got out of a long relationship that
was really hard on him. (can ya tell he means a lot to me?
i like to talk about him) he ran track for two years, he
plays the saxaphone, he also loves his motorcycle and his
mustang, and he plays guitar.
Alright here's my story for right now. He asked me to go a
prom alternative at another school. It's open to all the
school's in the community as long as your a junior or
senior or asked by one. It's at a christian school and it's
a more conservative prom, but there's still the big
beautiful dresses and the tuxes and everything. well that's
this friday. then on saturday he goes to prom at our high
school with his ex-girlfriend, who he's trying to get over,
and they already bought tickets so their going. so my
parents actually told me i could go to this prom on friday
with him if we double dated. well our other people backed
out on us this week! and tony called on mom yesterday
asking where and how to get the tickets! yesterday was the
last day they were selling them! my mom talked to him on
the phone and from the way she sounded, you could tell that
tony was unsure whether we wanted to go or not. I already
have my dress, shoes, everything, i wanted to feel like a
princess on friday going to the prom with my best friend
whom i'm still in love with! AAHHH!

OKay WOW! I've written a lot! I gotta get going! I'll write
more later hopefully and tell ya how everything turns out!