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2002-03-25 04:07:14 (UTC)


Aren't Sunday's mucho fun? Well mine was okay! I slept in
until 11:00am which is pretty late considering I went to
bed by 1:30am! Then I worked it out at the SAC with Jenny
and had some lunch and a shower then it was off to the ole
bibliocaca! Fun times were had by all then we had some
dinner, it does seem like I eat all day doesn't it? Well
after that I picked up my parent's film, which literally
cleaned all the cash out of my wallet! Dropped some more
film off which sadly I can't pick up until Thursday unless
I want to change it to my credit card, can you even charge
film?????? SO yeah then I rocked to OTF meeting way long
and stupid people just shouldn't talk and annoy me:) The
next meeting I predict will be way worse as it is election
time, ugg.. BUT Rachel will put the smack down, hehe:)
After the meeting I chilled with Rachy...and we rocked the
teen movies:) Now I'm going to study so I can fall asleep:)
Yeah for Ashley wanting to come back!
Love yas