What's up now?
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2002-03-25 03:33:32 (UTC)

weekend fun....

so guys the weekend was so good....I had fun with brian,
good ole clean was nice :) Went out to dinner,
after driving trying to find a place without a long ass
wait, bought a new loofah to replace my one that broke,
then rented leagally blonde :) Today I had a huge party
thing to go to with the entire(almost) family! That was
fun too...caught up on the family gossip and all that, so
that was cool :) Hopefully Brian will be up on Wednesday,
so that will be nice good things are in store
already for the week....and next weekend hopefully a fun
double date is in store!!! hehe....I missed everyone at
school this weekend, so for the first time in a LONG time,
I cant wait to get back :) :) SO yea for that :) Well
kiddies, its off to watch the Oscars....I probably havent
seen many of the movies, but it could be pretty
interesting....and then I can interact when people are all
talking about them at school tomorrow :) Lova ya'll!