2002-03-25 03:13:46 (UTC)

The Best Laid Plans

Well, I was going to spend the morning quilting but instead
I spent it cooking and baking. I decided to do that after
seeing that the boys had pretty much eaten everything in the
house and this begins Spring Break which means they will be
home and looking for food!

I made an apple pie, a chocolate cake with chocolate/orange
frosting, a loaf of white bread, chicken noodle soup, and a
dozen blueberry muffins. Mostof the muffins are
already gone. We had them for Sunday brunch along with
orange juice, a mushroom, sausage, onion, red pepper omelet
and a fruit salad of diced cantaloupe /sliced bananas.

It's two o'clock now which means it's time to start the
spaghetti sauce and also make John's lunch. Maybe I can
quilt for a little bit later. There isn't too much to do
otherwise anyway. John is using the Internet so I'll have
to wait my turn.

The boys were snacking on bread and soup this afternoon and
half of each is already gone. They have good appetites!

Later. I was sidetracked again and made a dozen deviled
eggs. Eggs are cheap at this time of year and I had plenty
and everyone likes them so it was a natural.

Now it's 5:30 p.m. Dinner's done, the dishwasher's going,
the washer and dryer are both doing their jobs and there's
two more loads of dirty clothes still to do. John's lunch is
ready to go. Tomorrow I need to get up fairly early so
Gavin and I can go to the community college and get him
registered for his class. I don't think I'll have too much
trouble falling asleep tonight. I'm tired.