a little piece of me
2002-03-25 03:10:36 (UTC)

roller coaster weekend

got back from the rents house a few hours ago. went to the
metals shop and put in 3 hours on my fucking ring. not
going so well. having some trouble, but i think i'll be
able to fix it.

ok, well, this weekend started off pretty good. mom and i
ran around before going to the doc. doc said i'm doing
good...he's going to start decreasing my meds after another
month. still keeping an eye on the heart thing. says
things are ok for now. that night, matthew and i went to
olive garden, then to see resident evil. good food, good
movie. lots of laughing going on. we had a blast. were
pretty obnoxious. next day, did some more running around
with matthew, then went bowling with him and mom. broke
100 once, which is very rare.

you know, i just can't finish this right now. this have
gotten really crazy in the past week, and i haven't had the
guts to write about what's going on...now i gotta go, can't
deal right now.