mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-25 00:12:42 (UTC)

Oscar Night......

Lisa & kids are sick, she is very depressed. I am doin best
to try to keep her upbeat, but it isnt working. I love them
all, and i just want them happy. Today is also Jonathan's
birthday, he is 15 today. (can you believe it ??) He loved
his presents, and was gettin frustrated playin one of the
ps games he got. I am excited about another job prospect. I
am hopeing this is the one(PLEASE let it be!!) and if all
goes well, i will have all of a 15 min commute to work on
my worst day... we will see, time will tell...
Please Lisa, Never ever forget that i love you with all my
heart and all my being, you are the one that brings me joy
in my life. I LOVE YOU LISA !!!!