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2002-03-24 23:16:19 (UTC)

Not too long ago

Not too long ago, my family left me home alone. This was
great because as soon as they were out the door I pulled
off my blouse and pants and roamed around freely in my
underwear. It suddenly occurred to me though, that I could
do the same in the nude. So after a while I removed my bra
and panties and then I was Really free.
It was strange but felt good to have different textured
surfaces rub against the sensitive parts of my bodice. My
bare bum sliding against the rough couch material as I
stride by. My breast felt against the material of the soft
chair when I bend over. Best of all, the chair's material
against my vaginal area when I straddle the fat arm of the
chair. It was a nice experience.
I took a smooth square pillow that rested in the chair and
placed it beneath me. It sat between my vaginal area and
the arm of the chair, between my legs. For a while that
felt really nice too.
I came up with the idea of grabbing a back scratcher of
ours that vibrates. It is a large one that fits in your
palm, nowhere near narrow enough to slip within me. But the
vibrations can feel good. So taking that device, and
placing it between my body and the pillow was the greatest
idea. The swelling pillow pressed the back scratcher firmly
against my nether regions and the vibrations ran through my
body. It was wonderful!

Question: What do you do for such wonderful experiences? It
its just plain masturbating, what do you do to masturbate?

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