Catie*s Diary
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2002-03-24 23:07:55 (UTC)

Saturday March 23 2002 (MY SISTERS BDAY)

Ok, my day sucked just getting up cause i had to wake
up at 7 and go to dhall. Luckily it was only 2 hours
cause 4 hours would of killed me. Justin and Monica
were there and so was this guy Marc (our marc casey)
he looked sooo hot! He had on a black long sleeved
shirt with a red shirt over it black pants and a red skater
belt. That made my morning a little better. When it was
time for me to leave Justin got kicked out for eating a
runt.(I hate the d-hall lady) Then meand my dad started
going to beamount. I feel asleep in the car listening to
incubus. THen we got my sister and she looked at my
present like it was dumb. Then we went out to eat and i
got real full. I had this cheescake dessert thing it was
like a layer of cheesecake (jon) then a layer of german
chocolate cake then more cheesecake (jon) and it had
milk chocolate and caramel over the top. My dad and I
shared that. My dad made me eat an oyster too and it
was gross!! I spit it out. Then we went to the mall and
my dad and my sister kept making fun of me and shit.
And i was already mad cause my dad gave my sister
210$ for her bday and I only got 100$ And i know that
makes me sound soo spoiled but it bothered me not
cause of the money part but because of the fact that
since I live with my dad my bday isnt as special or
what? Well my dad still bought me stuff. I got a shirt,
and this shirt that has to go under it ,then a watch, and
sunglasses and a degas book(he's my fav. artist) and i
think that's it. Then we went to mcdonalds cause for
some reason my sister was hungry again. and i just sat
there. Then we went to my mom's and I changed and
stuff. ok well thats my whole day but i'm a little mad and
sad and i dont know bye

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