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2002-03-24 22:45:34 (UTC)

What This Diary is All About

Hi Everyone!
Well this is my diary. My name is Sandi, short of Sandra.
I'm going to keep my age a mystery for now. But I would
like to get lots of people reading my entries and I would
love feedback. Don't feel like commenting on my entry?
Thats okay, no one is forcing you, obviously.
My diary is going to be a little bit about my background
but even more about what I have been getting into as of
late. This would be refering to my sexual urges and horny
feelings. As a warning to those of you who refuse to read
up on that, you may as well leave now. This was your final
As for the rest of you, if you are still stickin around,
I will try to be detailed and I will try to make sense of
exactly how I am feeling and what is going on. At the end
of each entry I will have a fun sexual question that you
can ask yourself, and send back to me in feedback. These
questions are not trivia, and these questions are not poll
questions. They are simply for fun. Answer them, or don't
answer them at your will.
I accept all kinds of suggestions, complaints,
compliments, comments, so on. And please bear with me, this
is my first online diary. It will take some time of getting
used to.
I suppose my first questions to you for this entry is:

1. Anyone out there reading this masturbate?
2. Do you have any questions for me after reading this
introduction to my diary?