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2001-05-17 05:16:26 (UTC)

11:11 pm on Wenesday night

I woke up early this morning. had an apple, and went
downstairs to paint. I sanded, and primed and was about to
paint it white- when my mother came downstairs with tea. It
was really quite nice. We decided to possibly paint the wall
the same color- cuz the white was a little too stark of a
change... so we talked about it, and had lunch. Grandma came
over, with some plants so I planted them.... I think that I
am PMSing cuz I wasn't that co-operative with my mother. so
anyway- we went shopping. we looked at cubords, and
wallboard for the doors in the hallway, and kitchen stuff.
we've devided to buy new cubords afterall. we shopped for a
long time, then we went home to pick up matthew and went out
shopping again for a very long. time. we looked at lights,
and talked about paint, and we looked into flooring etc. it
was a profitable day for writing stuff down. mom and dad are
getting the loan tommorow so things should come together
pretty quick!! we came home and I went out to burger king
drive through to pick up supper. then mom and dad went out.
I stayed with matthew.. we went to the church to pick up a
cd but the song wasnt' even on it. adam called- he is funny
on the phone- reminds me a bit of alex. apparantly jon
called. but he was not home when I called him back. I think
that he was at a soccer game. yeah- so then ann-marie
called- she did not get the job. it was cool to talk to her
about stuff. then neysa called. argh- I am really tired of
hearing her- "my relationship is holier than thou" attitude.
her relationship is not perfect compared to any and she
doesn't know squat about the real world and has not right to
think that someone else's relationship is not ready for
marriage. she doesn't know thier relationship. is she in
that relationship? I don't think so, I can't wait for her to
get married and grow up and realize how wrong she is.
anyway- so after that- Sara called- she is nice. i like her.
I hope that we can become really good freinds she and I this
summer. then Brenda called- she may have soem painting for
me to do! yeah- money!!! then Ann called again. the threee
of us talked to her until now. it is time for bed 11:22

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