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2002-03-24 21:01:17 (UTC)


I figure that since I've found the main article I needed
for my research, then I deserve a little bit of
procrastination time. B/c you know...that hasn't what I've
done most of today. :-p
I went home on Friday afternoon. Basically b/c it had been
a really rough week and even though I call here home now
too, there's just something comforting about waking up in
the same room I've woken up in for years. So, I drove
home, well...I made a quick stop. :-p Ha, that was bad.
Friday night I just hung out with the parental units,
watched some NCAA games and did a little bit of work. Oh
yes, and 3 loads of laundry. Geez..it was like..take 1
out, put another in. I went to bed really early b/c I
hadn't been getting enough sleep this week, which is
nothing unusual. It was just catching up with me. My
brother came in later that night. They had been to
contest, and recieved superiors across the board so I was
very happy for him. :-)
Saturday I got up early and went to the library...which was
pretty much the reason for me coming home. Then I came
back and had lunch with my mom and brother and packed my
things up. I also spent some time with Lucky. He misses
me. :-p The drive back was nice. Spent just enough time
at home. Jamie had to work Saturday night, so I just
chilled here. I did a little bit of work, and worked on my
scrapbook some. However, I figured out that my color
cartridge was out of ink in my printer, so I didn't do much
with the scrapbook thing. Blake called, and that was nice
talking to him. Talking all the time to people over IM is
great and all...but the voice of a friend beats IMs. :-)
Ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was
mainly concerned with getting the buy one, get one free
paper plates and bowls, while everyone else was buying
beer. Ha..that's right, I'm the innocent, homemaker I
suppose or a loser, whichever. :-p Jamie and I watched SNL
and I got in bed before too late.
Ha...when Blake called I was already in my PJs ready to go
to bed...and he was thinking about going out. :-p And yet
we're best friends...go figure. Ha.
Meredith got back about 5 this morning, so we gathered
around lunchtime to eat and watch part of a movie. I'm
going to work for an hour or so until my roommate returns.
Then I'm sure we'll all have story time.
I hope this week isn't as bad as last. I have my first
research assignment due Wednesday. Let's see...oh yes, a
hall meeting Tuesday, and then advisement/registration on
Wednesday. Thursday afternoon I'm heading home again b/c
we're off Good Friday. I think I will go to our Good
Friday service at my church. It always has an effect on me
and my brother is taking part in it. I also hope to get to
spend some time with Beth and Blake while I'm home. Maybe
someone will go see ET with me. ;-)
I still don't know anything about this summer...as far as
where I'm going to be living or working. But I HAVE to
work. My mom doesn't understand that. She forgets that
she went to college over 20 yrs ago probably. Things are
different now. I have a TV, microwave, and phone in my
room. She didn't have any of that. So, I don't know that
she realizes how things are. I know that I have to make
smart choices, but I also know that it is 2002, and college
is lots different now than when she was there. OK, I'm
done now. Well...I'm still worried about this summer, but
I'm trying to just play things my ear, and deal with them

turn my head
with talk of summertime...

Love me --
that's all I ask of you....

~All I Ask of You, The Phantom of the Opera
Andrew Lloyd Webber

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