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2002-03-24 20:57:14 (UTC)

today is just sucky

i to start off this entry number one.. please
don't be to crtical.. my life don't suck... i have it
pretty good compaired to other people i have wonderful
parents who pay for me to go to college.. i have a great
brother who looks out for me and i have wondeful friends
whom i love dearly but above all i have a wondeful
boyfriend whom i love more than anyone in the whole
world... we are planning on getting married one day.. in 2
in a half years...welll here is my first entry.. leave me a
well i wooke up cause the kids were really loud
bob kept resetting the alarm any way.. i thanked tonia for
letting us stay there last night i can't believe we will
have that house in less than a week i am so excited. i came
back to the icky dorms to find out since we wer on spring
break and i couldn't get in here our fish had died... how
sad.. well only four had died outta 14 so i guess that
ain't bad we dropped food pelets in there for them to eat.
i am pissed at rosie cause she was supposed to come down
this week and she just totally blew me off so fuck her...
it really hurt my feelings but i guess that don't matter...
anyway.. karl my boss called to see if i would work on
thursday and i said sure.. more hours= more money, anyway
he asked me if i had spokenm to jen and i said no we aren't
on speaking terms that fucking cunt whore.. i will tell you
that story some other time.. but he said she didn't show up
to work and that they were going to have to let her go and
he asked if i would take her job.. i said sure i would love
too.. hahahah that sucks for her... anyway.. bob is at work
and i won't see him till 8 and i am sad maybe i will go up
there and tan.. i dunno.. anyway i love my baby we went
eater shopping for each other and tommrow he we are going
shopping cause i have to get one more thing for him and we
have to get things for the kids.. i am really gonna miss
alex and amber when they are gone. tonia keeps trying to
get us to move to flordia.. so we are gonna move there in
two years... i thought this out long and hard and i think i
am going to ask tonia and kim to be my bridesmaids because
they are part of my family... i love bobs family so much
any way i gotta go .. i am gonna sleep for a bit.. leave me
a note...bye bye