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2002-03-24 20:50:30 (UTC)

Edaire 2

Hey yo. I just wanted to say that from what I see so far,
Edaire is the BEST boyfriend I've EVER HAD!! And I'm dead
ass serious. He's willing to do anything for me. I mean
SERIOUSLY! This boy is like... HEAD OVER HEELS for me!
That's really good. Well to me anyway cuz I've never had
that. Maybe it was meant to be. Who knows? Hehe.

Last night I went to the movies with him and he was SO NICE
to be with. I had a GREAT time! I wish I could be with him
all the time. But it's not like that cuz we're only teens
and we can't control it. But omg! He's got his car. He just
needs to put insurance in it and then he can go wherever.
I'm SO happy for him! Hehe. He said when he is able to
drive his car, he can come see me A LOT more than we see
eachother now which will be GREAT!

But really. I'm gonna go now. I'm not in the mood to be
online... So I'ma go. Peace.


P.S.- I can't believe that I thought I was in love with
Tino. But I'm not sayin I'm in love with Edaire either.
Lol. I just don't know. I'll decide in time how I feel.
Well peace.