2002-03-24 20:41:17 (UTC)

It's Sunday!!!

Well it's sunday. (Dimanche) as they say it in France. I'm
kinda happy, kinda bored, and kinda pissed. I'm happy cause
I finished all of my homework for tomorrow, and the big
depression paper only took me a few hours. I didn't even
know how long I spent on it exactly, but one thing is for
sure, I finished and it didn't seem that long of a time.
(Atleast 3 hours non stop.) Once I got started it just
kinda went. I'm happy with how I've solved it. :0)
Well, I'm bored cause I always am. All I did this weekend
is study, watch t.v. and do homework. YIKES!!! Talk about
boring, that's my everyday life man! But anyway, I'm kinda
pissed because I have a black and white painting due next
monday, (lundi) and I wanted to get a headstart on it since
I was slacking off in school working on it. I wanted to
work on it at home, where I won't be wasting a lot of
paint, I can spend more relaxed time on it, and it is just
more comfortable. But I got pissed cause I got started and
it wasn't looking very good. It still isn't. It's just so
screwed up everywhere and I don't know where to start
first. (Well actually I do, but there is just so much to be
done, and it's harsh detail work. Besides, I'm having a
hard time determining wether I should blen in one place,
and have a smooth transaction from black to white, or
should it show contrast. I don't know cause normally we get
points off for not blending properly. I just can't trust my
eyes anymore. I even thought about giving my friend $10 to
do it for me. I thought she won't be able to do it cause
she has a lot of those honors and A.P. classes. And
besides, she's always busy. Now I'm thinking, I was just
saying that when I was mad. I gotta do this. Even if it
kills me. I just don't like it when things are like this.
You just get this feeling that you won't get anything done
with the atmosphere and attitude surrounding you.
Unfortunately it's now that I have the time to do it.

Good thins are that I did all my homework for every day
that I got homework assigned, except that painting thing. I
didn't expect to finish even if I worked on it all day, and
it was going good. Plus I did all of those things I want to
do but it really isn't assigned, just for further
understanding, and early study. All I got left is to study
French some more. I really wanna do that cause I'll be in
honors next year. The only bad thing about that is that
Kathy will be there too. I've made my peace with her now. I
just really don't like her presence though. When it comes
to class. There is just something about her. It makes me
feel as though she wants to strive, and show off. As though
she had to prove to everyone that she is all that. I just
get that feeling when I'm around her. And I really like
French so I don't want that feeling to mess up my grades.
Besides I've noticed I naturally act different around her.
I can't help it. I've noticed that every time she isn't in
school I feel more myself, and I pay attention better. I
like it when I don't have friends in my classes. I prefer
to make the people in the class my friends. That's if they
are cool, and not phony. Like the people in French 1 are no
comparison to the dudes of Theatre Tech 2. Theatre folk are
the best! I forgot my point. Besides, Teresa is on. So I
keep getting lost.

Oh yeah, point being I only have French to study for. ( I
don't have to though, but practice makes perfect.) I made
myself a 238 question test. If I pass it with and A, I can
move on to the next pages. I'm a little behind.

Oh by the way, I'm not waiting until I get a job to start
on my list. As soon as I get organized I'll start counting
and doing the stuff. Can't wait. Well hopefully I'll start
doing that withing this week or starting friday. Something
like that. I gotta buy a B.O.S. binder. Well that's gonna
be it for now. This is way past enough. Chow!!!