my pathetic life
2002-03-24 20:02:01 (UTC)

emo fest

well saturday was ok. i wanted to leave my house round 2:30
to get to this concert (emo fest) round 3:00 but being me
it didnt work out that way. i was still feeling a lil sick
but well enough to go (and i really wanted to go) so i was
all lazy and didnt leave til bout 3:45. we got there a lil
after 4. we got there and this band makeshift was playin
and i guess one of there dads was there and he kept on
messing with e pa system. every freakin 2 minutes he would
go up there shake his head and mess with sumtin. he made me
mad, just let the kids play a crapy emo show, its not the
end of the world. but they were cute, unoriginal but sweet
boys. but i give them props, they have potential.

then my dog kooch went on. i hate there name for one but o
well. and they go to my school so all the crapy catholic
kids came to c them and acted like idiots. while they were
playin i said to my friend "hey look at all the catholic
kids who are convinced they're actually good1!" we got a
laugh out of that.

then my friends band fliptrick went on and my friend dan
had just joined that band and it was his 1st show with
them. he was soo nervous, it was sweet. he did well and i
was proud of him.

then my personal hero played. they're really good and i
dont no y they played so early in the day but o well. all
of my friends no that i think scott their guitarist is
really hot so they all were sayin stupid crap to me about
him all day.

then walsham a new band with an hot drummer but hes hotter
than he is good at drums but o well. they just started
playin together like a month ago and they were playin
really well.

darkstar observatories played next, also a new band. it was
their 10th show and they were really good. they had a hot
bassist and he was soo good at bass is was crazy, their
drummer had a big but and he walked funny, me and my
friends gave him the name duck butt. he was adorable

then near the never played, they're really good. i dont
have a lot to say bout them though. then ONE SIX
CONSPIRACY, soo soo good. i havent seen them play in a
while and i was soo ready for them. after every song i kept
on telling my friends "i hope they play common, i really
want them to play common, they better play common" they
played really well and their last song they played it. i
was soo happy.

well the whole nite my friend kept on hitting on me it was
funny. hes cute and i think hes cool but hes my firends x-
boyfirend and my other friend likes him so kinda off
limits. but neither of them were there so o well. and this
kid who put the concert together aparently was in a band
that was gona play but they broke up or sumtin. and rite
before one six he decided to play sum songs by himself. he
wasnt that good and i just wanted him to get off the stage
so one six could go on, be o well. and i put my jacket and
my phone in one of my firends bags cuz i didnt want to hold
it and she decided to leave without giveing my stuff back,
god my friends, how are we all so stupid, o well.