My Life by Jen
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2001-05-17 04:26:06 (UTC)

It's me:Jen again!:)

Hey it's me. I don't think people actually read what I
write, but hey. I really don't care. It's crazy reading
other people's diaries, and how sad they all are. Well, some
of them anyway.It's either one extreme or the other. Well
I'm here just because I like to write.
Life's not bad, life's not overly good. I'm coping and I'm

I got accepted into University and the teaching program I
took so much time to apply to. I just hope it's what I want
to do. How can you expect to know at 19 what you want to do
with the rest of your life? I've heard how the average
person has 5-6 different careers in a lifetime. SO, I guess
I really shouldn't worry.

I talked to one of my friends today. SHe's just newly become
involved with this really nice guy. It makes me feel so
happy for her, but then reminds me of what I lack. I want to
experience the feeling of having someone like you.....having
someone choose you, because they think you are nice, funny,
beautiful (all around) and someone they'd consider spending
a majority of their time with. But alas (that word is
creepy.), I have not not yet found anyone.

SO much for not being "sad" I'm just...lusting? Dreaming?
Ha, I don't know. Just please assure me that I'll eventually
find least, before I'm 30......

WHat else?. Hmm.

I honestly have to say tho, that I am content. I've never
suffered anything really terrible in my life, I have friends
and family who love me, I have a great job, I got accepted
to university, and I've got tons of opportunities.

SO what do you say to that?:)

"Don't frown -- you never know who's falling in love with
your smile."