The meanderings of a mind
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2001-05-17 03:38:29 (UTC)


Does anyone else ever notice that radio stations wear out a
nice song by playing it OVER AND OVER. I have my car
programmed to six radio stations I like in my area, and a
few of them play the same music. If a song comes on that I
don't like, I'll change the station. Songs that came out
several years ago you NEVER hear. IT is only "today's
newest music." Maybe if we mixed it up a bit we wouldn't
be sick of the popular songs of today. Take Janet
Jackson's new release, "all for you" I guess that is the
name. My favorite part is, "All my girls(?) at the party,
look at that body, shaking that thang like you never did
see, got a nice package alright, guess I'm gonna have to
ride it tonight." It would be a great song if that is all
she sang. Lol. I was singing it and my mom asked me if I
knew what that meant....I should have said NOOO. Anyway, I
digress. I heard that song over 8 times in the span of two
hours on three radio stations. That is pathetic. So sad.
So sad. "I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll
be back again."