even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-03-24 17:05:50 (UTC)

wheres your head at?

so im in new york... an dits family time, i have a new
cousin, named noam... im sleeping on the world most
uncompfratble bed, ive been eatign too much, an my back
hurts like i wouldn;t believe... the chair im sittin gin is
ridiculous... but... last ngiht we went out to dinner, and
i was so tired i had to tkae some advil because because my
head hurt so bad... and thne, id had some wine, so i had to
thinka botu uh oh.. is this gonna give me liver failure?
and then i thought of course not! ppeople do all kinds of
terribel things to their bodys that are 8 zillions itmes
worse that one advil an maybe 3 glasses of wine... that
siad, i had 3 glasses of wine, or so, and pretty sooon, my
headache wasn;t my biggest concern... joslein is on her way
back home, that wahts sam says... id liek ot be home..
akc... i want to be home! but i will be soon, andthis will
have beeen worth it,mi liek my family, so its ok.. oh.. my
stomach just hurt, oush! but i'm good.. i got soem new
pants that fit real nice, kind of like, 1995ish, but, thats
good... cause i'll be able to see my shoes better, so that
will be good...

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