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2002-03-24 12:22:57 (UTC)

i'll get drunk tonite i think

I haven't been drinking for quite a while. it's a kind of
itch i have to scratch now and then. hmm.. the last time i
drank was bout one to two weeks ago. okay, so it's not dat
long, but the itch has gotten a little unbearable. gotta

hey, i didn't mention about the other day when i went down
to Orange. did i? dun think i did. went out with WK (dats
the drunk fren i was talking about a couple of entries
back) and BK.

It was supposed to be a dinner kinda thing, but BK wanted
to go party at some no-cover place, and Orange(some club)
was having its ladies nite dat nite. WOOHOO! So WK & I got
free flow over there, but cos BK is not a girl, he has to
pay for his drinks. Anyway we had a smashing good time.
Except me. I think I haven't been drinking in quite a while
and I got knocked out quite early. I just simply couldn't
keep my eyes open! So while more frens joined us, I fell
asleep on the seat. haha I did! Just laid down and went to
sleep behind WK. So they went on with their drinking games
and I lay dead to the world until they woke me up to go
home. They dropped WK off first, and then drove me and BK
back. BK is currently staying near me. And he sent me up to
my room. And he didn't leave immediately. I was so tired I
went to bed almost immediately. He turned off the lights
and put his arm around me. So one thing led to another...
but I think he was kinda drunk, cos he like er couldn't
perform very well. But he was very loving, and I loved the
way he kissed me. those hungry bites into my body, ooooh.
It felt good. He left in prob like 30 mins after he sent me
back, so you can imagine how short everything was.

So there I was sleeping naked on my bed, too tired to care
and 2 hours later I got a call from Steve. He wanted to
come over cos his frens were over at his place using his
computer and he couldnt sleep with them over there. So when
he came over, I just slipped a t-shirt on, but luckily it
was dark, so he didn't really notice my butt was naked i
think. While he wasn't looking, i pulled on a pair of
shorts and quickly slipped off to bathe cos i prob smelled
of BK.

Steve was asleep when I returned. He occupied most of my
bed, so I had to slip in behind him and sleep on my side.
And I fell asleep again until I was woken up by Steve
pulling me closer to him. And then he was kissing my
breasts and kneading my back, and damn was he good! He was
just massaging me all over and it just felt so good. guys,
i'm serious, you gotta do this to your girl. i promise you
they'll love it. face each other on the bed, lying on
sides. guy kisses girl's breasts, hands go behind to
massage girl's back. up and down up and down! then maybe
you can massage her thighs all over without diving straight
in. it drove me nuts. gosh, this is like kama sutra or
something, hahah!

I ah, shan't tell you anymore. you people can go read those
erotic stories online if you want to get off.

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