The Complete Life of Jason
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2001-05-17 02:34:12 (UTC)

Sixth Publishing - Reasonings

Ok, I need to make this very, very short.

First of all, I have skipped my entries for the last few
days because I have been rather busy online. I decided to
finish my area on KOR, which is now done, and I am now
writing help files for the MUD. Not the best job I could be
doing, but a helpful one, I suppose.

Anyway, on recent news, I'm failing math. Yes, failing. F,
the big fat one. I have never failed a class before, and I
doubt that I'll be able to raise my grade, as it has fallen
to nearly a 50%. I can substitute math with geometry,
really, because that is the actual course.

There is a difference between this and other bad grades I
have gotten, though. I have tried very hard in this class
to pass, and my parents don't see that. My teacher sees it
rather easily, but all my parents care about is the grade
that is marked. Granted, the grade that is marked is your
future, but if I actually try and don't succeed, it is
different than trying and not succeeding.

Off to bed now, enjoy this read.