DayDream Believer
2002-03-24 10:44:18 (UTC)

About Satturday

He`s home!! He`s here!!! if I want to see him or anything I
can do it anytime!!

I was home friday night beacuse Im working this weekend.
But Mo`s home from the army so afther my shift I went to a
party at his place. It was good to see him agen, not to
many people and some verry cool guys I know from where I
live. We talked and the suddently Ed came to the party,
uups, but it went okey..
I was scared that Dante was also coming but he didnt.
The party was great, I had a lot to drink, but not to much,
and I think I remember about everything:-)
It was a perfect party ecept this stupid incident,who realy
wassnt that big thing of a deal except from Mo. Mo`s best
friend Owen who really loves his girlfriend Luise finaly
got her to wear a mini skirt.
She was sitting in a chair, with her legs spread and did
probobly not rememer that she was wearing a skrit. Mo loked
at her *****, but I dont think that has anything important
to say in this context.
So Mo`s ex, Gene who dont drink told her in a verry
discreet way that they could see her underwear (I wassnt
there, I was in the kitchen with a boy, trying to feed him
with candy) She got verry upset by it, and runned to the
bathroom and started to cry. Then she talked to her
boyfriend and he came to Mo, he was upset bacsuse he finaly
got his girl to wear a mini skirt, and he thinks she`s
verry sexy with it and now he said that she would never
wear that agen. They were all verry drunk, exept Gene. I
think Mo said that Owen was upset at him because Gene is
his ex girlfriend, not that he was staring right down at
her underwar..
How stupid is that, even thought thay were drunk. its
stupid. If I was showing my under wear I would like that
some told me you know? Well, they was so upset that they
had to leave, Owen almost started to fight with Mo.

Afther everyone else had left me and Mo was all alone, I
was going to sleep over.. I was a bit scared, I know that
Mo have wanted me before, but I was okey with sleeping in
his bed. (he have tons of romms in his house)

ups, gotta work, to be continued...