The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-03-24 08:08:53 (UTC)

'tis better to not date than to take her to "resident evil"

Went to see "Resident Evil" tonight. Fun to watch, but not
very good. In all honesty, I don't think anyone other than
George Romero can do zombie movies properly. Also saw some
previews for movies that looked really bad, like the latest
Friday the 13th installment, "Jason X." Apparently, Jason
Voorhees wound up in space somehow and got some spiffy new
cyborg enhancements. Slasher films have always been stupid,
but this takes it to a whole new level.

Anyway, I went to a math contest this morning. Didn't place
or anything, but it was still worthwhile. One thing pissed
me off, however. See, a guy from one of the other schools
who's some sort of math whiz has taken first place at this
thing every year that he's gone. Now that wouldn't be a big
deal, except that the people running the contest did things
in a screwed up manner. When it came time to announce his
award, the announcer turned the microphone on a small chunk
of the audience, who chanted the guy's name. I mean, come
on. He's already an obnoxious math prodigy, there's really
no need to encourage any sort of prima donna crap. But I'm
not jealous; I could own his ass in a trivia contest.

So I was maybe going to go and shoot pool with a classmate
who was at the math contest, but he never called me to tell
me whether he'd be able to make it. Thus, I saw "Resident
Evil" instead. Yahoo.

On the technology front, I'm righteously annoyed with what's
happened to the Morpheus file-sharing network. There was a
merger with another network, and now everybody's connection
is slow, no one can find anything, and no one can connect to
anyone else. Plus, new software is required for it, and the
interface needs some serious work. Instead of just finding
and downloading "Dare" by Stan Bush in ten minutes, it takes
me ten minutes just to search, and even then there's really
no guarantee that I'll be able to get the file.

And on my personal front, I've worked through the "awkward"
phase with a girl who I unsuccessfully asked out. The thing
is, the awkward phase only existed for me. I talked to her
a little the other day, and there was nothing weird going on
at all. The "awkward phase" was just another product of my
faulty perception and the human tendency to project.

I should have known that this was the case. See, the reason
we didn't go out was because her parents don't permit her to
date. Can't say I really blame them, there's messed up shit
going on these days. Anyway, the issue of whether we were
compatible was totally moot. The best part was that, unlike
other girls I've asked out, she didn't seem offended by my
offer. Yeah, I'm disappointed about the whole thing, but on
the other hand, I performed well above my average.

Of course, I still don't have a date for the prom, and it's
looking like I won't go. Money is an issue, as is time, and
it's hard to justify paying $35 plus cost of tuxedo, dinner,
and whatever else to go and dance to music I don't like.

This is Dave, signing off.