lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-24 07:35:01 (UTC)

lord of the bling

ahhh good stuff. the weekend's been pretty cool so far.
so here's my little synopsis/analysis of it, ok??

yesterday, i got home & kristen was over & she'd baked
bread, so we just hung out eating bread for a while. ok so
we're weird people, but it was fun. then i showered & blow-
dried my spankin' new goth hair, which is kinda scary but
whatever. it's better than puke-blonde, if you ask me! :-)

then i went to the group date, which was ice skating, and
it was fun watching everybody fall & be stupid. this ice
patrol guy was totally chasing after lisa the whole time,
and keith was doing tricks that were almost as good as the
spandex guy's...eeeeeuuuuwwww. anyway, then we went to the
west's house & ate ice cream & it was fun...candace is
hilarious. i helped her & kristen & winter get stuff ready
before everyone else got there, and it was cool. then i
took brittany home & she got to once again experience the
beauty we like to call MY DRIVING!!! yes!!

then, this morning, i woke up & realized i had 5 minutes
until i needed to go work, so i just threw on my jeans & we
left. i drove my dad on an errand & then did a few office
hours. at 11 i met w/ kristen & annika, and that was
really fun. ahh such nice peoples in this world.

when i got home, meg called me & asked if i wanted to go w/
her to get her hair done. i went, and mal was there
getting hers done, and kari came 30 min i got to
see all the beauties get their hair mangled. aww so cute.
then i got home & did homework & went to kari's for about 2
minutes to see everyone all dressed up (reaaaallly cute!).

then britt & i came to my house, and joe was already here.
we didn't know what to do, so we all went to blockbuster &
decided to rent zoolander, which is a pretty hecka funny
movie if you ask me. we came home & ate spaghetti &
watched the movie. after that, we watched silly shows like
jiminy glick & mad tv... ahh lord of the bling is goooood
stuff. they left a few minutes ago & i'm probably going to
bed soon. ahh my girlies are at the dance right now. how
cute. cute cute cute, i say.

and tomorrow's sunday, which is always awesome! wait- is
this the weekend jon will be in town?!!!! ahhhhh!!!

alright, enough out of me. goodnight.

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