ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-03-24 07:34:00 (UTC)

Holla Holla Woo Woo!!!!!

dude tonight was awesome...ok last night at the mall i hung
wit aaron and D and i met there friend Jake..well they
wanted me to go to this girls b-day party cuz she needed
like 200 to fill the place she rented out..plus they needed
me to put in raps for em when they performed..so i get a
ride to D's and we chilled then we went to this party..we
get there and theres like 12 people there...i dont know a
DAMN one! well they was playing sum stupid ass music ya
couldnt even dance to so we had em play Ryden
Dirtay ......oh shit hit the fan..the girls mom started
trippin and made em shut it off ..so we was like well shit
we cant do a set then theyd throw us out...so we chilled
even tho it was stale...at least they had faygo...so at 10
we went to D's and hung out..i listened to sum of the new
songs they had up and got sum beats to put lyrics to.well
aaron went home and the crew went to Jakes....i think jake
likes me...or at least wants to bone...i dunno if i'd be
down for it tho...i mean i just met em..hes cute tho and he
got a long tongue..lol...so we hung out and i kinda got
stranded..i was just gonna crash at Jakes wit him and D but
i had Mickey come pick me up..i really enjoyed hanging wit
them tonight...they sum of the freshest juggalos around
here..and they funny as hell too...well mickeyt picked me
up rollin and i was like man you suck...hopefully i'll get
to go to laga wit him soon....
well last night was pretty boring. i went to the mall and
hung wit my boyz then i went to bobz and i hung out wit ppl
there..chad was there with his friend Knome....he was
really kewl...he laughed at my asshole-ness towards all the
hoodratz,rednecks,and losers there...and we talked bout
shit..my sister got drunk off her ass and started getting
smart wit everyone and then she passed out on the floor .so
chad drove us home.then i went to bed.
my dad and step mom came over today..dad got me this
batman set with a old skool doll,comic book,and hardcover
book....its fresh as fuck..then we went to eat and went to
Gabs...i got this tank top that says Creepy,sum tight ass
pink pumas and another shirt.
Steve fucking got rid of all my shit..he ruined my
hatchet man tobogan and my videos...everyone wants him dead
anyways..so imma just put him in the hospitol and do
everyone a favor..i think imma go up when hes working and
bust his windows out his car then fight him when he comes
out..he may act like a thug...but im a crazy ass juggalo
with a baseball bat...so ha! piss off...lol
hellz yeah MM on tuesday....im so glad D is goin wit us
now..hes gonna be a blast to have around.
well Killer Klowns From Outer Space is on and i love
that damn movie so imma bounce

* MCL *

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