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2002-03-24 06:34:50 (UTC)


Today...Not much happened today.I woke up and ate some
donuts.mmmmmm.And then beth called and i think i dosed off
when i was talking to her.(sorry beth) and then caitlin
called and her dad is being mean and her sister is being
spoiled or whatever.Then my dad got tickets to the Earth
Day Festival for me and caitlin. Then we went to Jay and
Jenny's house for dinner and i ate some pork and i felt
real sick and so i went to the other room to get away from
the food smells and called joe,we talked and one of my
dad's friends,Bruce, came in and saw me sitting by the
refrigerator and says "you're blocking the beer and that a
very baaaaaaad thing" He's hilarious.Then Jay came in with
a huge battery like a car battery or something and i asked
what it was for and he said "my dildo" and I said "that's a
pretty big battery." and he said "Well its for a pretty big
dildo." He's hilarious and very nasty minded. But he's
great.Then Bruce and I were trying to fix their computer
and i was crawling on the ground trying to make sure the
sound was plugged in and it worked and stuff,and then jay
comes in and tells us that the sound hasn't worked forever
and it won't work.I was all like you could've told me
before i crawled underneath the desk a hundred times! And
Bruce was trying to get this web page up and Jay
said "Bruce are you still having a hard time getting it
up!" and Bruce is like "No i'm doing fine." Then Jay went
to the living room and was like "Bruce is having a hard
time getting it up but Casey is helping him!" I thought
that was hilarious cause everyone was like What!! cause
they didn't know we were working on the computer. Then i
drove my dad home in case he was a bit drunk (he was)and
when we got home he started to yell at me to stay off the
phone becuase i was on it all night and basically just
yelling nonsence at me so i got mad,and then caitlin called
and i told her i was mad and i think my dad felt bad about
it.But he's passed out now so it doesnt matter. I'm talking
to beth now. So later.Peace! Love-Star Fish

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