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-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-03-24 06:28:26 (UTC)

Football Frenzy

Ok so today was one of those typical kodak moment, will
remember as the 'good ol days', kinda memories. i sat
around on my butt all day, but then at 6pm, me marisa corey
rob kristen kelly jen steve jerry jon and mark played
tackle football at aldrich school playground, in the dark,
in the mud/dirt. it was fun, but my shin is black n and rob collided. and i accidentally kneed corey
in the balls, while i was attempting to tackle him. fun
stuff. at around 8 we walked to corey and robs house, and
we watched tomb raider, cuz marisa left that dvd over there
last time, and by the end of the movie it was just
marisa corey on the small couch, and i had mark on my arm
and rob on my other, lol it was fun. all of these boys are
such sweethearts. mark n marisa went home
together around 10 or 11. i ate lots of cinnamon toast
crunch, and finished my huge history project, AND half of
my drivers ed. project, i should be proud. for
college.......i was thinking maybe i'd wanna go to
Australia. itd be great....except expensive to visit back
on holidays, and i wouldnt have any medical maybe
i'll just go to florida or sumthin. who knows. take care n

(joe's coming over tomorrow at 2)