2002-03-24 06:15:06 (UTC)

Why now?

I was thinking about Charlie today. I really miss him.
There is just something about that boy that makes me want
to hug him and kiss him and talk to him and just being
around him. It may be because I was feeling nostalgic
lately. It may possibly just be that I know I am finally
ready to move on in my life and leave the past where it is -
the past.
Then I was talking to Steve tonight too. I remember when I
first met him, there was something that clicked with us.
But we both ignored it. He started dating Kari and I went
on my merry way and met lots of other guys. Now that he has
messed things up with her, they are over with. But I never
thought anything would ever happen between us. I don't
know, but it is weird. He kept telling me to not discard
friends when I look at guys and saying to look closer at
people I may not have looked at that way before. Maybe I am
being ridiculous. Maybe he is referring to a friend
like ... umm well I'm not sure. But maybe he was just
giving advice and being a good friend. I'm not sure how to
interpret it.
It seems like all these guys that didn't look at me a few
weeks ago are suddenly noticing I exist. It is kind of
annoying, but almost a compliment.
This is too frustrating. My dreams will tell me the truth,
so off to bed I go. Night!