lonely as usual
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2001-05-17 01:24:04 (UTC)

The life I live...

Okay, first of all, you may not know me, but my name is
Samantha and I'm 14 years old. I like to be myself, and
play the role of life. But not always. Maybe by being
myself I might hurt someone. Well, I'm sorry if I do that,
but being myself, and being yourself, is part of everyday
life. Next, I'm going to introduce you to my friends. Some
may not stay that way long, but oh well, life goes on.
Ashley Thomas: Best friend
Krissy Bryant: The funny one
Alisha Huskey: The gothic
Melody Martin: The weird one
Holly Demarco: The make-up fanatic
Rachael Burns: The cry baby
Jennifer Murray: The Tony lover
Trish Strange: The dumb one
Steven Kimbrough: Ex-Boyfriend
Meri Damron: The noisey one
Keri Damron: The smart one
Danielle Manners: The attitude one
Chantelle Erny: Cool
Jessica Edmenson: The extraordinary one

Okay now that you know my friends, it's time for you to
meet the guys in my life.
Adam Jefferson: My ex-best friend, but are still friends
Tony Petrucelli: He has a nice toosh....
Steven Kimbrough: My ex-boyfriend and the guy I love
P.J. Parrish: The hottest guy I know.
Curtis Ramey: Ashleys crush
Joesph Miles: My boyfriend.

Okay Now that you have met them, I'm going to tell you
about my everday life. Or in other words, what happened
today. Speeches were do in English, and I didn't have mine
done. She said I can turn it in, in the morning. Thank
God!!!! We are going to six flags saturday. I can't wait.
Next Thursday is our 8th grade graduation. Thank God,
schools over, and I'm going to high school. Well, Tell me
how interestion you think my life is. See ya.

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