down in my eyes
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2002-03-24 05:38:38 (UTC)

'N..that's why...

When I sorta woke up this mornin, my mom was an inch
from my face, 'n she mumbled something 'bout LA...

I re-wokeup again..an hour later, to Unkle Kracker's
"Follow Me" song. I'd set my alarm for some reason-
(I still don't kno why).. 'n my mom was gone.
She came back just in time for us to eat lunch,tho. Yum.

"Follow me, & everything will be alrite.
I'll be the one, to tuck you in at night.
But if you wanna leave, I can gurantee,
You wont find noobody... else like me."
-Unkle Kracker

*sigh*.. I could still keep crying, if i'd let myself,..
So i had my stereo on most of the day. It really helps.
That's why i love Alanis Morissette. THAT's why
she's my fave singer. She's really awsome, 'n heart to heart,
on loss, & heartbreaks... You rock, sista.

I spoke to DJ this morning! Yaay. Awesome. Too cooL.
'N thats why i feel better. THAT's why i feel o-k.

me: i still cant believe im talken to u like this..
me: too cool..too cool
Davin: haha-
Davin: i cant believe im talking to you
Davin: too overwhelming

Aww... now, WHO could ever get too much of THAT? ;)