Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-03-24 04:38:06 (UTC)

Blade II

Yep, well I've had a good last couple of days. I spent the
evening with Jon yesterday. And today we got a puppy. SO
yeah! I'm completely crushing *pants* its sad. But
Friday, I picked up my pay check ($495.82) yeah! And then
Carla picked me up and we went and met Jon and Sean at the
movies, and saw Blade II (great movie)... Then Carla
deserted me and I went with Jon and Sean to Village Inn for
2 hours. Then we dropped by Sean's house and picked up
some fireworks. Then we drove around Briargate lighting
off fireworks and waking people up. We actually caught
Jon's car on fire once, but its all good. It was a lot of
fun ;) So I'm happy. Then tonight, I was invited to go
cosmic bowling with all them again. But since we got a
puppy and I wanted to listen to SX live, I decided it'd be
better if I stayed home... So that kinda sucks...But oh