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2002-03-24 04:07:57 (UTC)

*EmptY SpoT*

I don't remember what he looks like
and I think I never will

I have that cold empty spot to which I wish he'd fill

I've never heard his laughter or seen his smiling face

I wish that he would come to me and fill that empty space

I've wanted to call him and tell him "Hey it's me!"

But I'd always hesitate and with me I'd disagree

What if he don't want me or not want to fill that empty

I wouldn't know what to do and I'd feel like a discrace

I've always often wondered on if I called him or not

That either he'd reject me or fill my empty spot

I know he's never been there and he may not like my mother

But I wish that he'd just come along and come be my father