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2002-03-24 03:50:27 (UTC)

flogging molly nite

Last night was so fucking awesome! We went to the
flogging molly show and it was so much fun. My ears are
still ringing, which kinda sux. but it was cool. I
hung out with Chris and i dont know if he really liked it
or not, but he said he did, so i guess. Kristy brought
Alyssa so we seperated at the show and stuff, but it was
all good.

The Slackers were really good. THey reminded me
of this like Sublime/Reggea type band. I had a lot of
fun last night, and now i desperately want to go the the
Ska Punk Slamberie. Its Bad Religion, Less Than Jake,
Authority Zero, and Hot Water Music. I wanna go
soooooo bad!! Its in like a week. Im sad that
Paulina is gone cuz i wanted to party with her this Spring
Break. but its also cool cuz Britt and Stix are
staying here instead of going to Cali. all i wanna do is
drink, get fucked up, chill, and be merry all spring
break. Brian called me tonight and i think he wanted me
to go to like Denny's with him but i cant spend my money
(gotta go get my pics of Flogging Molly developed) and i
just wasnt in the mood to do anything really. im flippen
tired and shit.

Not too long ago i was finally watching Blow,
but i kept getting distracted since fucking people kept
calling me and stuff, so i have no idea really about
anything in it, besides Jonny Depp is this little drug
dealer that goes from selling weed to coke.

My birthday is comming up. April 18 ,.... less than
a month away. i wanna do something cool this year, but
i dont know what.... well ill write more later.