2002-03-24 03:41:07 (UTC)

things to think about

what are feelings? why do feelings exist? why do feelings
vary from person to person? why do people feel compelled to
tell other people their feelings or to write their feelings
down? why do some people think you're crazy if you tell
them some of the things you feel? at some point, couldnt
they feel the same way? why do i feel the way i do right
now? why cant i feel happy like other people do? why do i
feel bad for no reason at all? why do i feel like nobody
would understand when i know there are plenty of people who
would? why cant everything be like the carefree days of
childhood? why cant life be simple? why cant people see
that i'm depressed even when its so obvious? and why do the
people that see i'm depressed act like theres nothing
wrong? how can there be so many people to talk to and no
one to talk to at the same time? just some things to think
about... thats what i do...