SuGaR RuSh
2002-03-24 02:58:32 (UTC)

another good reason...

2day was ok..i went 2 a hockey game...andy was scratched he
left early so i didnt meet him..marty blew me off yet
again...but i did meet kovy and sum of the new players
which was pretty cool...after we all went 2 was
pretty stupid...of course it was amber and brittany all
nite they kept holdin eachothers hands and they r ALWAYS
all over eachother its so fuckin sick i think they r gay 4

this mite hurt u..and it mite not...i dun really fuckin
....i dont even know y i even talk 2 u n e more i thought
after we talked that 1 nite that u would acually change but
u got fuckin worse im so annoyed by u all the fuckin time
now u dont talk 2 me so i aint even gunna try and talk 2 u
sum1 was talkin bout u a few days ago and i defended u now
i relized that i shouldnt have...its not like u would do
the same 4 me...ur not even a good friend n e more..u never
ask me how my day was or n e thing...all u fuckin care
about is urself n e more...ur just so "depressed" that u
cant even talk 2 ur friends n e more..its always me and
amber this and me and amber that...I DONT CARE SO DONT TELL
MEEEEEEE!i tryed n talked 2 u be4 but if i asked u sumthin u gave me
a bitchy answer or didnt even answer @ all...everytime i talk 2 u now
u put me in a bad mood...i wouldnt even care if u jumped off the
fuckin face of the earth rite go n hurry and write in ur
diary about me cuz u dont talk 2 me like a normal only
sayin all of this in my diary rite now cuz u aint online and i def
aint gunna call u
im out