nothin left to say
2002-03-24 02:53:48 (UTC)

im having writers block. anyone..

im having writers block. anyone have any suggestions for
this poem right here? its ok, it's just some of the rymes
are generic and stuff.

The lights playing tricks
Dancing in your eyes
Your thoughts seem so distant
And I know I知 not surprised

The mellifluous way you two were together
My feelings I throw aside
I refuse to stand in the way
I know how hard happiness is to find

My words stutter in empty silence
u r so beautiful 2nite
ive searched so long
& it hurts to know
i can't win this fight

On the drive home
The stars hear my confessions
Breathing your name on the windows
Watching your hearts digression
Hanging in your forgotten thoughts

Unseasonable cold
And a blank, pale march moon
Stare down at me
As the car slows to a halt
How evanescent love can be
I open the door
Then glance back
And slowly, silently
Let you go
Without a word