Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2000-12-15 09:16:34 (UTC)

Hey, Well this is the second..


Well this is the second entry. I really should be writing
my English essay now. Unfortunatly, yesterday my English
teacher decided to set us an essay which had to be in
today, I couldn't do it last night because I was at work,
so I'll have to do it in my free lesson now. Thats so
What else happened since yesterday? Well, I found out I got
the highest test result in my Psychology class, which was
good because I thought I was failing in that subject! As I
already said, I went to work, but before I went my best
friend Sarah introuduced me to her new boyfriend Shane. I
have to say he is extremly nice, he's good looking, has a
great personality and I'm well jealous! I mean, I have
Chris, but he lives so far away we have no sort of
closeness as a relationship and I miss that. And everytime
we are sort of togther, it can't be public or someone will
find out. It's horrible having to snatch private moments.
The thing is he has been crap at writing and ringing me,
but he's getting better, we've spoken nearly every night
this week! And I see him tomorrow! I know I'm going to get
really upset when I have to leave him again! I hate that
I only get to spend 2 hours with him, then I have to go to
work. I hate it!!! Sorry, I have alot of twisted anger
I also found out the managers want me to work til 9 next
Thursday and Saturday. I'm going to have NO social life,
not that I do anyway.
Oh well, better get this essay done,