I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-03-24 02:35:11 (UTC)


Well. Got my bed today. It's all coming together. My room
really looks good!! I'm really glad that I did this. I'm
baby sitting at the moment. A really cute 4 year old named
Brandyn. Odd, yes, I know. But I didn't name him. This kid
is a piece of work. I might sorta nanny him on Tuesdays.
That could be cool. We'll see. I know that the guy is
Brandyn's dad, but Brandon calls the woman Melissa which is
her name. Wow, and both 'adults' are young. Kinda freaky. I
mean, this kid is 4!! Cute though. Huge Pokeman fan. I know
absoulutely nothing about Pokeman. Hmm....I'm sure that if
I spend enough time with him, I'll learn way more than I
ever wanted to know. Okay, well, done for now. Yup.