Secrets of a Nun
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2001-05-16 23:35:05 (UTC)

Intimacy in the convent

Dear Diary,
Sister Anne is the type of girl that get picked on if you
are in school.Thick Glasses, freckels on her cheek and
short. A perfect target for bully's because of her
appearences .It amaze me even in this sacred occupation the
things havent change a bit .She was always left out and
make fun of behind her backs.

So out of sympathy i kind a hang out together. And
developed a special bond together. We talk about everything
except sex of course.

But today we began to talk about it.Well I started by
asking her how she cope with her sexual urges.To my suprise
She hold my hand and place it on my vagina.Then she smile
at me as to indicate that how she dealt with the burning

I never masturbate eversince I became a nun.I never even
think about it because if I do I know what would happen so
I decided to take a cold shower instead.The whether is to
hot anyway.After finish showering ,took of my towel and I
saw my naked body in the mirror it ,I cant remember how
long has it been sincle I last seen my self naked.

I have a quite veluoptous looking body,My busty firm breast
long pink erect nipples .I started caressing my nipples and
breast and sat down on the toilet seat spreading my legs
apart and started caressing my pussy ,I bit my lips till it
bleed to stop me from moaning and screaming when I had my
first self induced orgasm.

I don't know what to feel right now.What is the basis for
the people of the church should not get married.God created
man and women with desires why is it we are the only ones
are excluded from it .I am also aware that with Those
desires God also laid down boundaries.My belief in God as
firm as ever and I hope he will forgive me.I hope next time
hell give me the strength to refuse my temttation.